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Month: June 2019

Football 5

From The Pulpit- Sunday Morning Ostarine Musings

Ostarine, ostarine, ostarine…. For some in the media, the subject of the three Clemson Football players testing positive for trace amounts of Ostarine just before the CFP is a story […]

Football 7

Enjoy The Ride….

This is the greatest run in Tiger football.  Clemson has now won two of the last three national titles. The program is experiencing a run of success unlike anything seen before in its history. It’s a run the fan base hasn’t been accustomed too. It’s a run some older fans might have resigned themselves to knowing they’d never see. It’s […]

Football 5

Will You Get The ACC Network?

Lots of questions. Very few answers. ACC officials have been fairly tight lipped about the availability of the conferences new 24/7 network. Outside of the few streaming services to sign on, only two traditional television providers have been confirmed to carry the network. Those are DirectTV and Xfinity Fios (Verizon). The closer we get to Clemson and Georgia Tech launching […]