From The Pulpit- Sunday Morning Ostarine Musings


Ostarine, ostarine, ostarine….

For some in the media, the subject of the three Clemson Football players testing positive for trace amounts of Ostarine just before the CFP is a story that they will never allow to die. One in particular seems to actually be keeping a career alive by recycling the same information into a new headline every other week.

Enough is enough already. They tested positive. They were suspended. They appealed, and it was denied, so they will remain suspended. So, what is it exactly that they’ve gotten away with? What exactly are they “covering up?”

The only way an appeal was going to be won was by identifying the source. Finding out how the substance was ingested. The school tested over a dozen different things they thought were possibilities, but never found it.

Had they found the source, that information would have been used in the appeal. Instead, the only thing they could offer up were the results of polygraph tests the players agreed to take. Tests administered by an independent firm, and tests each player passed.

Insinuating the school is sitting on the proof that would have the suspensions reduced, or maybe even overturned are absurd. Insinuating the school is knowingly feeding its entire team PED’s is even more absurd.

But hey….. whatever generates a click, right?

5 thoughts on “From The Pulpit- Sunday Morning Ostarine Musings

  1. Haters just love to hate. Get a life. Clemson beat mighty Alabama 44-16 without the 3 players. If they had played would it have by worse for Alabama ? Who cares.

  2. You forgot to mention the two clean tests after the suspension.
    Personally, I call all of this justification by them to explain how dominant the Tigers were all year long. Lord knows, it couldn’t simply be they worked harder, were more talented, and simply were the better team.

  3. Jason, haters are gonna hate. The only thing I know for sure is the author of the weekly rants against us is that he/she will never be convinced that what we have at Clemson is all about honesty, integrity, and family values. They will forever see us as hypocrites, liars, and cheats. And the sad part is they are missing out on the happiness that supporting an institution like Clemson brings to our lives. We are far richer for having been a part of it.

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