Clemson Fans Need To Take Time And Enjoy This Run

During this year Clemson fans have endured the possibility of not getting to see players like Travis Etienne and Trevor Lawrence end their college careers on the field, not getting the opportunity to see the Tigers compete for another chance at their fourth national championship, not having the chance to watch Lawrence and Etienne challenge others for Clemson’s first ever Heisman trophy, or a front row seat watching Etienne go for all of the records that he came into the season with a chance to own. All due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many would think that getting to see the Tigers compete and win would be enough to satisfy everyone after not knowing if there would even be a season, but it now seems as though six games in is enough time for some to have forgotten just how close this season came to not even happening.

Some fans have gotten so used to being in the playoffs and competing for national championships over the last half decade that it’s seemed to have gotten to a point where they expect every game against lesser opponents to be blowouts and Clemson to play flawlessly every time out. Then when you add in the fact that no one wants to hear facts or stats that point out that the young men who have been put on a pedestal are actually human and make mistakes you’ve got an entirely different argument on your hands.

Keep in mind that it can get really hard to enjoy something when you are steadily getting defensive over the X’s and O’s. Just since the Syracuse game alone this has been more evident and it’s hard not to see, even in how fast some in the Tiger fanbase go into attack mode if others point out facts or things that this team could work on or get better at.

I know it’s been said many times and it bears repeating. Don’t forget to sit back, take a deep breath, and try to enjoy the ride that these Tigers are on because it can all be gone in a heartbeat. One minute, like myself, you can be sitting with your nephew in Death Valley watching Clemson beat the Citadel (continuing a streak of attending at least one Tiger football game a year that started back in 1985) and feeling great. Then, in the blink of an eye, not be able to get out of bed just the next day due to what was later found to be Covid-19 and not know whether you would ever see another game, much less attend one.

The thing that has to be remembered is that this is a game played by young men and it’s meant to be a fun escape for fans. Yes, it’s more enjoyable watching and experiencing all of the wins and the national championships. Especially the most recent run that has seen Dabo Swinney and Clemson bring home two national championships, five straight ACC championships, and numerous streaks home to Death Valley. But it’s still a game and no one should expect these players to be perfect. So, please try to enjoy it and don’t let the fun turn into stresses that ruin something so special.

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