Don’t ‘Blow Smoke’ At Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence

It’s hard to imagine walking a mile in a superstar quarterbacks shoes.

However, it’s hard to imagine anyone doing it better than Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. In his time at Clemson, the junior signal caller has been the ultimate model citizen on and off the field and if not for the #WeWantToPlay movement he helped start over the summer, there may not even be a college football season at the moment.

On the field Lawrence is a student of the game and has the football IQ most coaches only wished their starting quarterback possessed. He is currently 35-1 as a starter and says that when dealing with the pressures that come with a streak of that nature, he prefers folks just keep it real with him.

“I mean, it hasn’t been too big of an issue with people close to me honestly,” Lawrence said. “I’ve tried to surround myself with people who don’t, I guess, blow smoke at me, that just tell me what I want to hear. That’s just not something I like in friends and family.”

Lawrence says those closest to him do an amazing job of treating him like a regular person and that when they do talk about football, people telling him what he wants to hear isn’t something he prefers to be around.

“My family and friends have done a really good job of just being that, being family and friends,” Lawrence said. “They kind of keep everything else separate. Obviously we talk about football naturally but it’s not just them always telling me how good they think I am. That’s just not something that I enjoy always being around.”

Generational type quarterbacks don’t come around very often and that is exactly what Lawrence is. Analysts have been calling him the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck since early on in his high school career, so hearing how god he is, that is something Lawrence has gotten used to over the years.

Something else he has learned over the years is that most of the folks on the outside looking in only think they have a grasp of what it is they are talking about when in fact they absolutely do not.

“I’ve experienced it since I was in high school, so I’ve learned more and more,” Lawrence said. “Obviously I’m not perfect at it still. Probably listen to what people say and take it into consideration more than I should, but I’ve learned there’s not many people that really know the dynamics of every situation and most people don’t really know that much about what they’re talking about. So I’ve just learned to block it out and really have a select group of people that I care about their opinions.”

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