Trevor Lawrence Takes A Stand

As more and more horror stories come out about how things are unfolding in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, a number of high profile athletes have spoken out about it.

Clemson quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, who is possibly the biggest star in college football right now, has now spoken on it too.

For those that have not heard, Floyd was the 46 year old African American and father of two that died after an incident with police in Minneapolis on Monday. A video released Tuesday showed one officer choking Floyd with a knee to his neck while Floyd was cuffed and telling the officer that he could not breath.

Lawrence has a chance of being Clemson’s first Heisman winner and is a heavy favorite to be the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Despite being just 20 years old, he is showing leadership during a horrific and brutal time in our country’s recent history.

Lawrence, to this point, has not been too outspoken about social issues but you have to give credit to this young Tiger for doing so now. Lawrence currently has over 84,000 followers on Twitter and an even larger platform as the quarterback for one of the top programs In college football.

Many have thanked Lawrence, while a small few have taken the opportunity to attack him on twitter. It definitely isn’t an easy thing to do. Take a stand that is.

Especially when it would be easier to stay quite and not have to deal with the backlash. Clemson fans now have another reason to be thankful for the kind of guy helping to lead their team.

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