Clemson Named College Football’s Best Quarterback Room

One thing Dabo Swinney has been known for over the years is his ability to build depth. Clemson plays more guys than anybody in the country and Swinney is well known for his tendency to start subbing early on in games. And once he starts, he never stops.

One area he has had to work on regarding rebuilding depth however, is the quarterback position. The arrival of Trevor Lawrence in 2018 pretty much ran off every quarterback the Tigers had at the time. Even Chase Brice, who did stay on for two more years after Lawrence came on board, has now moved on.

Entering the 2020 season, it is safe to say the rebuilding of that depth is complete. So much so that Barton Simmons and 247 Sports ranks Clemson as having the best quarterback room in the country.


Lawrence may be the most talented quarterback in the country and Uiagelelei may be the most talented backup in the country. Phommachahn was raw upon his arrival at Clemson but he was still a talented four-star prospect in his own right. Clemson can go three deep to win games and probably at least two deep to win national championships.

Barton Simmons

2. Ohio State

Behind the Tigers is the Ohio State Buckeyes, a position they should be all to familiar with these days.

Last year one of the few weaknesses of Ohio State was a backup to Fields. That’s been addressed. If Fields goes down, there are three options this season and next year the job will pass on to Stroud or Miller. Whether this year or next, our belief is that Stroud is a special talent that will be ready when his number is called.

Barton Simmons

Top 5 Quarterback Rooms (247 Sports)

  1. Clemson
  2. Ohio State
  3. Alabama
  4. Texas
  5. Georgia

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