David Pollack: “I’m Very Optimistic”

With all the negativity surrounding a college football season from certain members of the media, there sure seems to be a lot of optimism when it comes to the actual members of the media who might be in a far better place to make those assessments.

Guys like Kirk Herbstreit have mostly maintained that they think there will be an effort to have some kind of season. One would think he has the sources to back that claim up.

Same goes for his colleague at ESPN David Pollack. During ESPN’s College Football Live: State of the Season Special Pollack and his counterparts discussed some of the ongoing challenges the sports faces, yet Pollack is still confident in a season happening.

“I’m very optimistic,” said Pollack. “ I know there’s a lot of pessimism going on and you’re going to find plenty of negativity. All you gotta do is look for it.

We are seeing MLB kick their season off. The NBA is doing the same. The NFL shows no signs of pushing back their season. While college athletics do face a few more challenges than professional sports, it appears the decision makers are intent on finding answers to those challenges. Pollack sure thinks so.

“I think all the people that have so much involvement,” Pollack said “I think we can continue to find a way to make this work. I’m not saying carelessly, I’m saying continuing to follow rules, we continue to wear masks, we continue testing, we continue to look at the NBA as it continues and look at MLB as it starts, continue to learn and grow from the virus, learn ways do it. I think we have enough smart people involved in football that I do think we will be able to have a football season.”

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