Trevor Lawrence Jabs Back At Baton Rouge Sportscaster

Everyone that knows anything about sports knows that Trevor Lawrence is no stranger to being in the news. Recently he was one of the Clemson Football players that worked to organize a peaceful march and protest that happened on campus last month in against social injustices. He has also put it out there where he stands on his faith and Christianity.

As most know, with this type of platform comes the chance for others to attack and troll. This was evident over the weekend when Baton Rouge sportscaster Matt Trent took the opportunity to troll him, saying “Daddy’s proud of you,” after the news of Lawrence’s recent engagement broke.

After originally saying it on the local news broadcast, he posted the clip on social media. Lawrence decided to fire back on social media on Monday, but then quickly deleted the tweet.

Should Lawrence have said anything or should he have just turned the other cheek? There will surely be some that would tell Lawrence that he’s got to be the bigger man and shake off the trolling while others will take the stand that you don’t stand by silently when something like this happens.

Either way, you gotta think that Lawrence will use this as extra motivation going into the 2020 season and for Tiger Nation that’s a good thing.

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