Baton Rouge Anchor Trolls Trevor Lawrence

On a recent news broadcast locally, anchor Matt Trent in Louisiana trolled Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence after photos of his recent engagement went viral.

“We end tonight with Trevor Lawrence once again giving away a ring on the football field,” Matt Trent said. “Joe Burrow, not available for comment, but don’t worry Trevor — Daddy’s proud of you.”

Ha, ha…. We get it.

However, if anyone knows something about rings, it is Lawrence.

While he may not have had his best performance against LSU, he certainly has one or two rings of his own that he could show off from time to time, and he didn’t have to wait until he was well into his 20’s to win one.

The LSU faithful should savor this moment. Chances are they won’t be playing for another one before the Tigers do.

One thought on “Baton Rouge Anchor Trolls Trevor Lawrence

  1. LSU had a charmed season, but seriously . . it’s back to earth time. Whereas Trevor is out to prove something, and that’s just a dangerous thought right there.

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