Time To Shine: Braden Galloway

In a continuation of our “Time To Shine” series, we take a look at Clemson tight end Braden Galloway and why he needs to step it up in 2020.

Going into the 2018 College Football Playoff, Clemson tight end Braden Galloway was hoping to help the Tigers win their third national title. Instead he found himself suspended and embroiled in controversy.

The suspension was a year long and he returned just in time for last year’s semifinal game against Ohio State. After showing glimpses of his ability in this offense against the Buckeyes and LSU in last years playoff, Galloway needs to now show that over an entire season.

This offense could really use Galloway’s ability to work the middle of the field. In turn, that could help to open up the passing lanes on the outside as well, not to mention the help it could provide in the running game.

At 6-foot-5, 240 pounds and out of Seneca, South Carolina, Galloway has appeared in 12 games over two seasons, with 112 receiving yards and one touchdown.

The 2020 season will be Galloway’s first full season since the ostarine debacle, something he has always maintained his innocence in, and it will be an important season for the rising junior.

The Clemson offense is at its best when it has a legitimate pass catching threat at tight end. They’ve not had one contribute in the passing game consistently since Jordan Leggett left after the 2016 season. They need that guy they can move out into the slot and create mismatches over the middle of the field.

When Galloway got to Clemson, that is exactly the role most saw him playing in this offense. Especially after catching a touchdown pass in the very first game of his career.

For more than one reason though, things just haven’t played out that way for Galloway. A lot of it was out of his control, there is no question, but regardless, he has still yet to do much on the field over his first two seasons.

This coaching staff has been putting in the work out on the recruiting trail and have brought in a couple of tight ends that will push Galloway for playing time, and sooner rather than later.

Sage Ennis was brought in as part of the 2020 recruiting class, and was ranked inside the top twenty at the tight end position coming out of high school. Although, to be fair, Ennis could be closer to an H-Back type guy than a legitimate threat that can be used consistently down the field in the passing game.

Currently the Tigers have Jake Briningstool out of Brentwood, Tennessee committed as part of the 2021 class. He is a four star prospect and ranked as the top tight end in the country in the 247 Composite Rankings. He’s also ranked 75th overall, regardless of position.

Clemson has options at the position going forward, so now is when Galloway needs to put his best foot forward. Jaelyn Lay, the 6-foot-6, 270 pound redshirt freshman now has a year in the system, and although there has been talk of a position change for him, he could still potentially be an option.

Not to mention, JC Chalk, the fifth year senior from Texas is back for one more season. Chalk isn’t the guy that is going to beat you down the field in the passing game very often, but he is reliable, and is good at doing what is asked of him.

Currently Galloway is listed second on the depth chart behind Chalk. Both should see plenty of opportunities, and if Galloway wants to assert himself as the next productive pass catching tight end in this offense, he needs to make the most of his chances in 2020. Every time he’s on the field.

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  1. Talk about pressure. Stand here on the sidelines, watch the guy on the field, and realize you haven’t really had a lane to run in. You’re gonna have a great year, finally.

    If the stupid Chinese Virus doesn’t bite you like the mystery “O” steroid that came from outer space. Go Tigers!🐅🧡🙏

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