Clemson Football 2020 Position Grades: Tight Ends

Many expected this group to play a huge part in the passing game this season, especially with the return of Braden Galloway from his suspension along with a more experienced Davis Allen.

Galloway did end the season fourth on the team in receiving with his 27 receptions, while Allen was seventh with 16 catches and that’s a big improvement from 2019 when Chalk led all Clemson tight ends with just 13 catches.

However, it seems that most were expecting more from the tight ends in the passing game this season. It’s easy to forget this group had to stay in and block more than was expected due to the offensive line’s struggles throughout the season. Tight ends sometimes get overlooked when it comes to the blocking side of things even though that is a huge part of playing that position.

Galloway and Allen both made some big plays throughout the season but seemed to totally disappear at other times. Galloway even had a few games where he was seldom even targeted for whatever reason.

If you want to look at a comparison take former tight end Jordan Leggett’s 2016 stats against this years group. In 2016 Leggett caught 46 passes for 763 yards (a Clemson single season record) and seven touchdowns. The Clemson tight ends this year combined to catch 50 passes for 664 yards and seven touchdowns.

For whatever reason this group did not become a huge part of the passing game as expected. This has to change for this offense to perform at its highest level. There is talent there and it will be helped out with the addition of Jake Briningstool, the nation’s top-ranked tight end prospect for the 2021 class. This group was certainly improved but it would be nice to see them do more in the passing game.

Grade: C

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