Two Clemson Assistants Drop Out Of Top 25 Recruiter Rankings

What a difference a year makes. Clemson football is currently recruiting at a level never before seen, and don’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. Every year’s class seems to get better. This is happening while Clemson’s roster continues to get deeper and deeper as well.

One thing that makes this even more unique is the fact that the Tigers recruit very differently from every other elite program in the country. One part of that is Clemson only offers a small percentage of players while other schools offer many more. This is part of what makes a Clemson offer really special.

After the Tigers signed the third best recruiting class in 2020, both Todd Bates and Robbie Caldwell were named among the Top 20 recruiters in the country. Bates came in at number two on the list while Caldwell came in at number sixteen.

Then fast forward to 2021 where the Tigers have the second best recruiting class in the country, despite only having 14 commitments. Yet Bates nor Caldwell are even listed in the top 25. To go a step further, neither of the coaches are even ranked in the Top 25 among ACC recruiters.

So two of the best recruiters on the best coaching staff in the country aren’t even ranked in the Top 25 among the conference that they dominate. Both on the field and on the recruiting trail.

Strangely enough, the only Clemson football coach that is ranked in the Top 25 nationally is defensive coordinator Brent Venables. He comes in at 18th for 2021.

As for the Top 25 recruiters in ACC for 2021, Venables comes in at number four. Then Clemson’s new receivers coach, Tyler Grisham, comes in at number nine, while offensive coordinator Tony Elliott makes an appearance at number 11.

It is comical when you see how others outside of Dabo’s program still view one of the best programs in college football right now. Meanwhile, the Tigers continue to bring in not only to notch players, but top notch young men and compete for national championships year in and year out.

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  1. The 9nly value of these polls is gossip. They are personal opinions. Base a poll on facts, criteria based, then one might take note.

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