A Clemson Offer Is One Of Hardest To Come By

Rivals has compiled a list of how many offers each P5 school has out for 2021, and there’s only one school harder to get an offer from than Clemson. That school happens to be the prestigious, Stanford.

Stanford has 42 offers out to potential recruits in the 2021 class while the Tigers have 69 offers out. In comparison, the team with the most offers out is Nebraska, with a whopping 392 in the 2021 class.

2021 Offers Per Rivals

Dabo Swinney and crew have turned the Clemson program into one of the premiere programs in college football currently. The difference in them, the SEC, and Ohio State though, is the Tigers are doing it by recruiting more than just great players. They are recruiting great people and players that fit their program. This is how Coach Swinney has felt about recruiting since taking over at Clemson and that was most evident with his first recruiting class at the helm of the Tigers.

When asked, Swinney explained it like this.

“Where people make mistakes is they get distracted by ‘Wow, this guy has 50 offers’ and then we watch the tape and we go, ehhh, I don’t see it. But there are a lot of people out there that will go ahead and offer him. They don’t trust themselves enough. Because they are worried about what it is going to look like if they don’t offer this guy. Because he has 50 offers.”

A Clemson offer means something now. High school players are coveting that offer. The more rare the offer is, the harder a recruit will work to get it. This helps the coaching staff greatly when it comes to knowing who is a fit and who is not.

This continues to work for Swinney and the Tigers, and the proof is more evident than ever. Look no further than the Tigers being in the playoff the last four years, winning two of the last four national titles, and five straight ACC Championships. And expectations remain high for them to continue this dominance.

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