Clemson Quarterback Makes Feelings On Upcoming Season Clear

With many things around the world and in the our country still up in the air and many states just starting to look at a slow process of opening back up, one question that many are still asking is whether or not we will see college football return in some form at all this season.

The NCAA, different conferences, university presidents, school officials, and numerous universities are trying to figure out a plan. One that works and is safe for all.

It isn’t just fans that want college football back, however. There’s one player that has made it clear where he stands. Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence made his thoughts clear regarding the coming season.

Lawrence hopes to lead the Tigers to another national title, bring Clemson their first Heisman trophy, and etch his name in the College Football history books along the way. To do this he, like most, realize that businesses and universities have to open back up before a decision can be made. The good news is that a number of states have started that process.

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