(WATCH) Trevor Lawrence Gives Words Of Encouragement

Clemson quarterback, Trevor Lawrence sent a very good video out to his Tiger fans recently on Facebook. He put the video out through Athletes’ Corner.

It was very up lifting, as most would expect from him. Especially during these trying times when there seem to be more questions than answers. Lawrence stated some really good points about this pandemic in the video.

“I think it is really important to stay connected to one another, especially from a faith standpoint. You know, it is really important to keep that group of believers around you that just encourage you where you can encourage them. Where you can share things that the Lord is teaching you. Where you can be poured into, all of the things are just so important. That shouldn’t just stop because we are quarantined.”

“So, any way you can, really just reach out. Keep reaching out to people. Stay in communication. Share the good news with one another. I think that is really powerful. Share something good with someone. People are hearing so much bad news, whether that is on social media or TV. I think sharing some good news goes a long way and really lastly…just pray.”

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