Clemson Favored To Win It All, But Underdogs At Same Time?

As Clemson fans, we are all wait ingto see if any games will actually be played later this year. While we do, Caesars Sportsbook in Vegas has come out with their favorites for the season and playoff. What is funny is that these odds raise more questions than give any real answers. They have the Tigers as a runaway favorite to win their sixth straight ACC Title and make the College Football Playoff.

This would mean Clemson, again, should win a lot of games during the regular season. When they get into projecting beyond to the Playoff though, Vegas isn’t quite as confident in the Tigers. This is really strange seeing as the Tigers are also being looked at as the favorites to win the national title and have more bets being placed on them than any other team according to DraftKings.

Caesars director of trading, Jeff Davis, stated that Clemson is the favorite overall, but they aren’t number one in his power rankings, saying,

“We would make both Ohio State and Alabama small favorites over Clemson if they were to play today. Clemson has the shortest odds strictly because of their schedule.”

Wait…. What?

One thing that makes this even more intriguing is that the teams they have favored over the Tigers are Ohio State, who has never beaten Clemson and Alabama who Clemson has had some success against recently, and is having to replace their starting quarterback.

Another thing that stands out is that Caesars Sportsbook says the Tigers have the highest season win total with the over/under at 11.5. The next best in that category? That would be Ohio State with 11, then Alabama with 10.5. 

One good thing about them looking at it that way is that Clemson has a very good record when they are the underdog. Especially on the big stage. In the College Football Playoff, Swinney’s Tigers have won four of their seven games when they enter as an underdog.

In other words, bet against them at your own peril.

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