National Title Odds: It’s Clemson And Everybody Else

It is no secret that we here at are not big fans of ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI). Having said that, it can be useful at times for something other than mocking, if for nothing else that a conversation starter.

As we are currently in the offseason, and in a pandemic at that, right now is one of those times. Especially seeing as the FPI loves the Tigers chances of winning it all in 2020, and by a wide margin at that.

As you can see, according the formula ESPN uses, it’s the Tigers then everybody else. They give just Clemson, Ohio State, and Alabama a realistic shot at winning a national title next season.

No real big surprises here. Well, outside of the fact that the FPI likes Wisconsin more than Georgia and defending champion LSU. Sorry Kirby, according to ESPN, it’s just not your year…… again.

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