The Junkie Awards….. Volume 7

It’s that time again. Time to highlight the good and mock the bad from all the went down over the weekend. Week seven brought with it lots of exciting matchups and lots of drama, and instead of a bunch of hyperbole, we will get right to it.

Best Performance of the Week Award


It has been awhile since we’ve seen a very good LSU team. The ones we did see over the last decade or so all were strong on defense, but lacking on the offensive side. That formula won them a national title under Les Miles, but since then Alabama has ruled the SEC West. Now in their second season under offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger, Ed Orgeron’s Tigers look to have one of the best offenses in the nation. He has worked wonders with QB Joe Burrow and has him as a 2019 Heisman contender. There are still valid questions about that defense, but after their 42-28 win over Florida, they have the nation’s best resume and not only should have jumped Clemson in the polls, they should have jumped Bama too.

Made A Statement Award


For two weeks the Tigers heard all the chirping from the media after their subpar performance in a one point win over North Carolina. They were questioning the offense, the play calling, and even QB Trevor Lawrence’s health. So when the Tigers hit the field against Florida State, they hit it wide open. The offense scored TDs on four of their first five possessions and the coaches opened the playbook just enough to show all the doubters that talk of their demise was just a tad premature. Blowing FSU’s doors off wasn’t the statement. We all know they are at best, less than average. The statement was made in that first half, in how they blew their doors off.

Best Defensive Performance Award


The Badgers pitched their fourth shutout in six games, and did it in impressive fashion, beating Michigan State 38-0. The Wisconsin D held the Spartans to just 7 first downs and only 149 yards of offense. They forced six three and outs and held Michigan State to just 1.4 yards per carry. That’s stout.

Fraud of the Week Award


A playoff favorite and ranked third in the polls, the Dawgs were 24.5 point favorites over visiting UofSC. The Gamecocks used an excellent defensive performance and took advantage of a sloppy Jake Fromm in beating the Bulldogs 20-17 in double OT. For whatever reason their offensive gameplan was to sling the ball all around the field instead of lining up and running it right at that SC defense, despite there being very little depth on that defense, and the fact that Fromm is winless when he throws 40 or more passes in a game. He had 51 pass attempts in this one. Georgia’s playoff hopes aren’t dead but they are indeed now on life support. In all likelihood it will take running the table and winning the SEC to get in now.

Busch League Move of the Week Award


After their big upset over Georgia in Athens, Gamecock players took it upon themselves to deface part of the famous hedges in Sanford Stadium. Will Muschamp is a Georgia alum and would know better than anyone how classless that is. Act like you have been there before….. even if you haven’t.

Wal Marter of the Week

Kirby Smart

Less than 90 seconds into his postgame presser, Smart was already rolling out the “when you play in the SEC” excuses. This coming after losing at home to a team that had one FBS win on the season and who were forced into using a QB that was third string coming out of camp and moved to WR at the start of the season. Not to mention that the “well, when you play in the SEC” defense doesn’t fly. So far this season only three games have been decided by seven points or less in the SEC. Coach, you’re going to have to come up with something better than that.

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