Lucky Luke’s Week Nine List of Losers: Bye Week Edition

Last weekend was monumental for many teams, Clemson especially. Dabo Swinney’s Tigers rallied with Cade Klubnik’s insertion into the formula and it was perfect momentary fix. We also saw a few upsets and blowouts and most Saturday’s I care deeply but not so much this one, as my favorite team is on vacation. That said, let’s look at who I am predicting to be my Week 9 Losers.

Notre Dame at No. 16 Syracuse

I’ve come to believe over the past few days that Syracuse is the ACC’s version of Ohio State. They are both whiners. The hypocrisy of one of the dirtiest teams in college football complaining over a supposed missed call is ridiculous! As far as the “Babers is a class act” nonsense, one must look at the actions of those he leads not by the words he spews, he’s no class only an arse.

I can tell you the Orange will enter Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday to face the Irish, a little deflated. Their mouth’s wrote checks last weekend that their talent nor ego could cash, so I expect a different Syracuse to show up in South Bend. Really, anything can happen but regardless, the ultimate loser, they’ll both be whining, not winning. It’s pretty clear who the classless loser in this one, Syracuse.

No. 2 Ohio State at No. 13 Penn State

This Saturday, all of America will say in unison, “Thank goodness we can finally see the Buckeyes play a team with a pulse!” Yes, Ohio State, as usual, just flies through their hollow 8 week schedule and are hailed as world beaters. It’s so trying and it’s nauseating.

The rust belt whiners will descend on Happy Valley Saturday night looking for another cupcake patsy. However, depending on which one of James Franklin’s teams shows up, it might be a difficult cupcake for the Buckeyes to swallow. I suspect (and I hope) the Nittany Lions will prevail and shut down the hype train on which the Buckeyes have ridden thus far this season. In a close one, Lucky Luke’s favorite loser in this game, Ohio State.

Florida vs No. 1 Georgia (Jacksonville)

Known as the World’s Largest Cocktail Party, when Florida and Georgia make their yearly pilgrimage to Jacksonville, oftentimes, anything can happen. This year, this rivalry, who knows? Well, I think I just might, let me explain.

The thing is this, Florida is a better team than most folks believe and Georgia, unlike most Gods, isn’t without frailties, flaws. I also know Georgia has a huge game the following weekend and might be distracted from the task at hand. So, with a hopeful spirt, my loser in this one is, Georgia. (I know, I’m crazy, who cares, it’s a bye week.)

Missouri at No. 25 South Carolina

Now that Shane Beamer’s Rattlers have cracked the top 25, euphoria reigns in the industrial wastelands of Bluff Road. With this weekends opponent, the hapless Missouri Tigers, one might think the drunken celebration is all but assured to continue with another Rattler victory. Not so fast!

While the records and hype surrounding both teams are different, on balance, the Rattlers are assumed the better team, but that’s not true. Missouri, buried deep, is a team waiting to poop on some other teams parade. As I read the disgusting, cruel, classless tweet disparaging Ella Bresee, I believe this is a game worthy of all the poop Missouri can muster. Regardless of the final score, my favorite, forever loser, South Carolina.

Pitt at No. 21 North Carolina

On the yearly rollercoaster ride known as the ACC Coastal, a real, competitive winner might be hard to uncover. This weekend, do the muddy waters get clearer? Mmm…I doubt it.

As usual, Pat Narduzzi and his team have struggled but still claim they’re invincible after defeating Clemson last year. Trust your gut, do you feel like trusting Mac Brown’s Tarheels to show up or do you believe Pittsburgh really has a chance. I actually believe the Panthers have two chances at victory, Slim and None. My loser in this match-up, Pitt

No. 19 Kentucky at No. 3 Tennessee

After last weekend, the Volunteers and their fans are cocky, really cocky. While beating Alabama is a huge deal any year, this year it’s clear to all that watch college football, something is amiss in Tuscaloosa. They’re not the same trampling herd of elephants of years past. Yes, believe it or not, Clemson is not the only team that can have a down year.

The all consuming wave of hope and adoration surrounding Josh Heupel’s team is just way too much, way too soon, in my opinion. Mark Stoops’ Wildcats lost a large amount of grace and favor of football fans everywhere by being embarrassed by South Carolina several weeks back. However, don’t count them dead just yet. Let’s all remember, they were without their starting QB, the life of their offense.

I believe Kentucky does have some life left and the only way to undue the humiliation of losing to SC is to rise up and play to your opponent’s level. Maybe Saturday? No, unfortunately, the Wildcats are walking into the badlands of Knoxville and they only the thing they’ll leave with the this trip a loss. My obvious Loser, Kentucky.

Virginia Tech at No. 24 NC State

In a Thursday night game in Raleigh, the completely depleted, underwhelming, lost Virginia Tech Hokies will take on Dave Doeren’s Wolfpack. I generally don’t have much good to say about Devil Davey or his team but this match-up is so lopsided, I can’t help but tout the Pack in this soon to be massacre.

This game should be made to have a Mature Audience only rating. Not for anything sensual or sexual but for the blood and gore rendered by a pack of wolves. Believe me, this one could get ugly. The bloody loser in this game, what is left of a once great team, Virginia Tech.

Well, I’ve made my choices and I’m confident in them but results be danged, who cares, it’s a bye week. After last weekend’s inaugural picks it is starting to feel natural, being a self-appointed know it all. So, thanks for stopping by and never fear, I’ll be back next week and I hope, so will you.

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