Armchair Perspective: Lack of Winning Cultures Hurts ACC

Before you faint, that statement of lack of culture doesn’t include Clemson, even though they are somewhat discounted by their affiliation with the ACC. That lack of a viable culture is the main reason Clemson is on the outside of the circle looking in, again.

Look at the SEC. It enters every season with seven or eight teams that are inserted into the polls and spend the entire season playing musical chairs, rarely if ever leaving the Top 25. Again, with that sort of benefit of the dobut for one conference, there has to be reasonable explanation, right?

In this case there is, a culture of winning. A bankable team playing of games that everyone enjoys. I consider Clemson as one such bankable team but not the ACC. Our fellow conference mates enter the polls, fall quickly and very hard, but moving back up proves to be difficult. Why?

Simple answer, the lack of a football culture (sans Clemson) is glaring. Wake Forest proves that every season. NC State, Florida State, North Carolina and Miami do the same most every season and so much so, the ACC isn’t treated equally, and for good reason. It’s culture is that of a lesser group of five. Not being critical just honest.

Clemson is Clemson and unlike the other powerhouses from a more stellar conference, the Tigers must reside on an Island and hope a few others within the ACC will improve enough to join them soon. Until then, the program will have to keep winning and hope that a conference championship and a 13-0 season will be enough to secure a spot in the CFB Playoffs. It most probably will but there will always be that sliver of doubt and honestly, I guess that’s part of the fun, the anticipation.

Thanks for stopping by and until next week, stay safe, stay hopeful and always stat ORANGE.

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