Monday Armchair Perspective: Eight Up, Eight Down, Four to Go

It was an interesting day in Death Valley on Saturday. In typical Clemson-Syracuse fashion it was too close. Syracuse (Despite Dino Baber’s Eddie Haskell-esque fake compliments) played dirty and the Tigers struggled and had to mount a feverish comeback. We’ve come to expect it and as long as the result remains the norm, not much else matters.

There’s a lot of grumbling, as usual, from the faction of the Clemson Family that loves to complain about those that complain. It’s as much a tradition as running down the hill, the fanbase’s constant arguing. It’s tiresome and unnecessary.

For goodness sakes, the Tigers have faced eight opponents, three currently ranked and defeated them all. Focus on that, celebrate that. People have opinions, people are emotional, so in the heat of the game, emotions and opinions spew forth. If that bothers you, ignore it. What other reason does this or any other site exists for, right? Be more tolerant of one another.

This week, Dabo Swinney’s team gets a well-deserved respite. A time to heal, rest, reflect and enjoy some downtime. Then, next week, they start preparing for Notre Dame. It’s the beginning of the downhill slope of the season and I believe a very successful ending. Every goal remains within the Tigers’ grasp. It seems it will be an interesting November. Like many of you, I’ll grumble, complain, cheer wildly, question play calling, and second guess coaches, because it’s what fans do, albeit, some more than others.

Again, this past Saturday’s game was typical, frustrating, and exciting but also hopeful. We know absolutely that if our starting QB struggles, we have a more than capable fill-in, not a replacement. This is still DJ Uiagalelei’s team, it’s his time and it’s deserved. We know this team is talented, deep and relatively healthy and is battle tested. I see a great finale. This team, these coaches and yes, even the fans need this bye week so let’s all sit back and enjoy. Until next time, have a good day.

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