NFL Analyst Says Nobody Should Jump to Any Conclusions Right Now About Deshaun Watson

After weeks of dominating the news cycle due to a trade demand, Deshaun Watson is now dominating the news cycle for a different reason.

Houston area attorney Tony Buzbee has filed three different civil suits against the Texans’ quarterback on behalf of three women claiming Watson sexually assaulted them and says he will file as many as nine.

Appearing on ESPN on Thursday, NFL analyst Adam Schefter reminded the audience that is important not to jump to any conclusions one way or another, cautioning fans to wait for more information.

“First, I think it’s important to point out, as you said, that no criminal charges have been filed,” Schefter said. “And we need to hear more about these particular situations before we reach any conclusions, which is why nobody should jump to any right now.”

Schefter also noted that the NFL is keeping close tabs on the situation, as evidenced by the fact that they opened an official investigation into the matter late Thursday.

“In terms of the NFL, the NFL is monitoring the situation as it always does,” Schefter said. “And when we talk about teams that would be interested in Deshaun Watson, I think they also are monitoring the situation, gathering information. They will be in consultation with the NFL office.”

However, despite all of the allegations, Schefter said that he is hearing that there are teams that absolutely would still be very interested in the disgruntled quarterback.

“But I don’t think that this is going to deter anybody’s interest in Deshaun Watson if they are or considering a trade for him,” Schefter said. “Again, they are curious about this particular case. They are aware of the fact that no criminal charges have been filed. They will seek more information. But in speaking to some teams that are potentially interested in Deshaun Watson, they seemed to be ready to move ahead with him if somehow Houston is willing to trade him.”

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