White House Addresses Return Of Sports

With the NBA now resuming its season and MLB about to start theirs, all eyes are now upon what will happen with football. While the NFL seems headed towards starting as scheduled, college football is still facing a multitude of questions surrounding their season.

Having college athletes living in a bubble the way they NBA players are doing just isn’t feasible. It certainly looks like the plan is to have a season, but at the same time it looks like we are at the very least heading for a delay of some kind.

With the Power-5 conferences seemingly headed towards implementing an eight or nine game schedule, a delay isn’t all that problematic. The substantially shorter schedule gives the leagues a ton of flexibility they otherwise would not have.

Today the White House released a statement regarding the return of sports, basically sharing the same kind of optimism that many analysts who cover the sport have expressed.

“President Trump believes that sports are an essential part of the cultural fabric of our great country, especially baseball,” the statement said. “As an avid sports fan, the President is optimistic that Americans will come together to once again enjoy America’s national pastime under our beautiful flag.

“During the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, the President and his Administration have hosted dozens of calls with sports leagues to update and brief them on efforts to appropriately respond to this global pandemic. Sports are a key aspect of America’s economy, and we must find ways to bring sporting events back, while still protecting the health and safety of players, staff and fans.”

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