Foundation Already Being Laid For Schedule Narrative

Many are expecting the Tigers to begin the 2020 season in the #1 spot. The question right now though is will they be in that same spot when the College Football Playoff begins and, if not, which seed will they fall to.

On Monday 247 Sports published its preseason playoff projections and they don’t have the Tigers finishing in the top spot. They actually have Clemson finishing at #2 going into the CFP. The panel included eight voters and three of the voters had Clemson ranked as high as number one, while two others out of the eight had them ranked as low as third.

Their top 4 seeds look like this:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Clemson
  3. Alabama
  4. Oklahoma

If Clemson were to start out number one, then run the table and not hold onto the number one spot, everyone knows what the reasoning will be.

“I think there’s four guarantees in this season’s CFB Playoff,” Brad Crawford of 247 Sports said. “Clemson, the Big Ten champion, the SEC champion and intense bickering for that coveted No. 4 spot.”

“I don’t need a simulation algorithm to show me Clemson will be 13-0 and one of the top two seeds. Should Ohio State match the Tigers’ record, Ryan Day’s team will get top billing thanks to a more complete schedule and a few more quality wins.”

One of the most consistent things about the playoff is that seeding has basically been irrelevant. Only once has the number one seed actually won the national title.

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