Dan Radakovich Talks Pandemic And Fan Attendance

As summer rolls along, the Covid-19 numbers seem to be increasing, and as August gets closer many Clemson fans are still hoping for any good news they can get as they hope to see the football team run down the hill and take the field in Death Valley. They also, like many others, seem to be getting more and more restless since there doesn’t appear to be a lot of updates lately. Even though no news is usually good news.

Clemson Athletic Director Dan Radakovich recently talked with ESPN to discuss Clemson’s current plans in reference to Covid-19 and fan attendance at games for the upcoming fall

Sporting events, such as NASCAR, are currently being held nationally and internationally without fans, while other sports are set to happen without fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Radakovich is hoping that college football will not look that way in September though.

“At this point, on June 15, we’re moving down the path of having fans for our home games,” Radakovich said. 

He went on to tell ESPN that they are also moving toward mobile ticketing for “the best flexibility as far as capacity is concerned.” At the current time that capacity is still up in the air though.

“Hopefully within the next three to four weeks, we’ll have some various scenarios to talk through with our campus,” Radakovich said. “But since our first home game isn’t until September 12th. We have a little bit more time than some others do, who are hosting in the first week, to come up with a final capacity. And given the fact we’re using mobile ticketing, be able to get those tickets out to our fan base.”

Radakovich, like Dabo Swinney, has seemed to feel positive about a season being played in some form throughout the Pandemic and his latest talk with ESPN should give Tiger fans a little more optimism but, as most have seen, these are new times and there are a whole new set of rules. Very similar to what was seen after 9/11 and things seem to change at the drop of a hat.

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