IPTAY Planning Ahead In Regards To Ticket Sales And COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has everyone questioning when and if if there will be football of any kind in 2020. Even though that timetable is still very much up in the air, the planning by IPTAY in regards to ordering of season tickets are not.

Members of IPTAY recently got the information laying out an updated schedule for reserving and purchasing their season tickets. Deadlines have also been pushed back to help  fans who may be out of work or had their income reduced due to this pandemic.

The details are as follows:

The deadline for 2020 football season ticket and parking requests has been extended again, from April 1st to May 15th. There is no additional money due at this time. Completion of fans 2020 IPTAY pledge has also been delayed and is now due 30 days later on June 30th. Jeff Kallin, Clemson’s Athletic Department spokesperson, stated,

“It’s basically an RSVP,” said. “It locks in how many tickets you need, how many (parking) spaces you need.”

In regards to split payments, if a request is made by May 15th, fans will have the option to split the ticket balance into three parts with equal payments due in August, September, and October. If fans are already on a payment plan, then the remaining balance will automatically be split into two parts, with payments due in August and September. These payment plan options are included on the ticket request form and are also available to IPTAY Premium Ticketing and corresponding Capital Gifts.

Clemson Athletic Director Dan Radakovich stated,

“We worked with IPTAY to provide additional flexibility in place to help our fans and donors. This includes 90 days without a payment on tickets as well as options should the season be modified. Our service team has made hundreds of calls, and we continue to listen to our fans’ needs and expectations, and communicate with them directly on key decisions. We are optimistic about the progress for far and we are presently tracking in a similar place to where we have been historically this far from the ticket and parking request deadline. We typically see a high rate of orders close to the deadline, and we anticipate this year is similar.”

As far as refunds go, if the 2020 season is cancelled, the fans will be refunded the cost of their tickets or receive a credit for the 2021 season. If Clemson plays a shortened schedule, then fans will be refunded a prorated amount for the tickets to cancelled games. If the season is altered, then IPTAY will reach out in a later communication with options regarding fans IPTAY commitments.

Radakovich also stated,

“We remain actively engaged in discussions about the steps we’d need to take to allow our fans to safely return to the stadium. For the most part we do want to get back to business as usual. We do want to have a campus that has students on it, has student athletes, and has activities and specifically athlete activities but we have to be able to understand, depending on where you are in the country, how safe is that? And where is that line drawn as to how we can do that in a way that keeps us socially distant or keeps us in a very protected manner but allows us to have the activities we all desire.”

Radakovich has shown, while at Clemson, that he is all about keeping the Clemson Athletic Program heading in the right direction, and now he will have to look at doing that as this pandemic adds new and different challenges. Tiger fans, just like many others, will have to be patient. Just remember, that it’s always harder to deal with roadblocks when they’ve not only been crossed but never seen.

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