ACC Puts Together COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group

On Monday the ACC announced that they have put together a COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group that will be tasked with providing timely updates on the status of, and forecast of, COVID-19 impacts on the higher education community.

“The institutions of the ACC have long been leaders in the medical field and include many of the leading medical experts in the country, which is a tremendous asset for the conference and all its members. One of the great things you gain from being in a conference with a culture like ours is the opportunity to share best practices, and the Medical Advisory Group is a great example of that. This group meets weekly and will assist our Presidents and Athletic Directors on the best protocols and procedures for returning to athletics as part of our institutions’ plans.”

ACC Commissioner John Swofford said in a statement

The advisory group will be made up one representative from each of its fifteen member institutions, and will be chaired by Dr. Cameron Wolfe who is a member of the infectious disease division at Duke University Medical Center.

Member of the ACC Medical Advisory Group:

  • Dr. Robert Nascimento, Medical Director & Team Physician, Boston College
  • Dr. Bailey Nevels, Coordinator of Psychological Health Services for Student-athletes, Clemson
  • Dr. Cameron Wolfe, Associate Professor of Medicine – Transplant Infectious Disease, Duke
  • Dr. Leslie Beitsch, Chair of Behavioral Sciences & Social Medicine, Florida State
  • Dr. Angelo Galante, Chief Medical Officer, Georgia Tech
  • Dr. Kevin Gardner, Executive Vice President of Research & Innovation, Louisville
  • Dr. Erin Kobetz, Professor of Medicine & Public Health Services, Miami
  • Dr. Mario Ciocca, Director of Sports Medicine, North Carolina
  • Dr. Julie Casani, Director & Medical Director of Student Health Services, NC State
  • Dr. Matt Leiszler, Team Physician, Notre Dame
  • Dr. Art Levine, Sr. Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences & School of Medicine, Pittsburgh
  • Brad Pike, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Syracuse
  • Dr. John MacKnight, Medical Director for Sports Medicine, Virginia
  • Dr. Mark Rogers, Chief Medical Officer, Team Physician, Virginia Tech
  • Murphy Grant, Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Athletics Health Care Administrator, Wake Forest

“The Medical Advisory Group will focus discussions on the current status of campus operations and what that means for athletics; the forecast for the next phase of resocialization for the campus and what that means for athletics; recommendations to member schools for resocialization of the student-athlete population, specifically physical readiness/acclimatization, mental health, academics and facility considerations; and recommendations to member schools related to competition venues with fans.”

From the ACC website

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