Video Emerges Of Breeland Arrest

The Bashaud Breeland saga involving an incident from Tuesday that ended in him being arrested and charged with five different counts took another turn today. TMZ Sports released eyewitness footage taken at the convenience store during the time in which the Deputy was trying to put handcuffs on Breeland. 

PLEASE be aware that there are parts that some may find graphic. The incident almost became tragic in the snap of a finger. The terrifying video of the scene also shows the NFL player’s face was within inches of a cop’s drawn gun during the stop. 

5 thoughts on “Video Emerges Of Breeland Arrest

  1. He doesn’t realize a bullet doesn’t care who you are in the wrong hands. He was lucky. Should have been at home working out, getting better. Nothing out here but trouble. Guess he found out the hard way.

  2. Breeland was not making good decisions/choices.I’ve seen cops show far less patience than this officer. Breeland was lucky.

    1. Yes, he was lucky. He was a danger to that officer. He could have been tased or worse. I am a Clemson fan through and through, but wrong is wrong regardless.

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