ESPN Issues Apology To Tee Higgins

During the airing of the NFL Draft over the weekend, ESPN was caught multiple times airing the “dirty laundry” of some of the players family members.

In one instance in particular, they aired a graphic referencing Tee Higgins mother’s past issues with addiction.

In an earlier story, we noted the fact that ESPN owed Higgins an apology, despite Higgins taking the high road. They have now given him one.

“The Higgins graphic should not have aired. It was a mistake and we apologize for it. We want our draft coverage to personalize players and, where appropriate, acknowledge the obstacles they’ve had to overcome on their journey to the NFL. This graphic lacked proper context.”

ESPN’s Seth Markman_ Vice President of Production

Kudos to the four letter network. They screwed up, and they know it. Even if the apology is a day late and a dollar short.

2 thoughts on “ESPN Issues Apology To Tee Higgins

  1. Typical ESPeeN
    Were sorry we tried to use the misfortune of others to draw attention to our shows. We are liberals here n cant find real news

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