Clemson Wideout Gives Lesson In Taking The High Road

ESPN made a typical ratings grab during this years NFL Draft by publicizing, one more than one occasion, some personal turmoil in the lives of players family members..   

One example was the network noting Tee Higgins’ having a mom who battled addiction issues. They did this on their “Get To Know” draft day graphic. Many Twitter accounts blew up as soon as it was made public, and rightfully so.

Many would want to retaliate, but instead Higgins took the road less traveled these days. The high road.

In a tweet he stated that he is proud of his mom for turning her life around. He also stated that he had no problem with the network telling the world his mom had beaten her addiction and was now in recovery.

I’m proud of my mom for turning her life around for me and my sister! I have no problem with them showing the world that my mom is a true fighter

Tee Higgins on Twitter

Tigers like Higgins are a refreshing reminder to Clemson fans that they are getting to see first hand more than just great players on the field. Are they perfect? No, but the majority of them try to do everything the right way and Dabo is continuing to produce young men to be proud of in life as well as in football.

It will be interesting to see if ESPN apologizes for choosing to go this route on multiple occasions in this draft. In my opinion it was uncalled for and the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” should have never even brought it up, or used it when describing a young man such as Higgins on his big day. May be the biggest day of his life.

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