Tee Higgins Sees Best And Worst During Draft Coverage

Not everyone decided to post about former Clemson wide receiver and second round draft pick of the Cincinnati Bengals, Tee Higgins, mother’s drug issues. ESPN got got attacked quickly and often for the graphic. Especially on Twitter.

The NFL on the other hand went a different route. They posted a very good video welcoming Tee Higgins to the Bengals team. Higgins was drafted 33rd (First pick of the second round) overall by Cincinnati. In a matter of minutes Clemson fans that have watched Tee grow up in front of them, like others, were able to see the worst coverage and best coverage of a young man that is living his dream. 

In my opinion congrats can be given to the NFL on a great job and as for ESPN…Please take notes on how it should be done. Unfortunately, Higgins wasn’t the only player ESPN did this to.

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