Swinney Takes Jab At Saban’s Crimson “Time”

Clemson’s head coach Dabo Swinney, on Friday, turned a few heads around college football with some of his comments. In one of the comments Dabo seemed to take a jab at the Alabama football program after Nick Saban had Already let it be known that his team is using some new tech to get them ready for 2020.

Swinney was asked how his team is preparing for the 2020 season without organized team activities during his conference call with the media. During this call an Alabama reporter asked coach Swinney about the Crimson Tide’s decision to use Apple watches this offseason. Dabo’s answer was…

“Our guys are putting the work in, I don’t need an Apple watch to track them.”

His comments seemed to be a direct shot at Alabama, although Swinney does love to rile the media up.

Alabama’s new strength coaches seemed to be responsible for the move, as Saban praised David Ballou and Matt Rhea for their work this offseason.

“They were very instrumental in setting up this whole program of what we’re doing with the players in terms of Apple watches for their workouts and apps on their phones for weight training programs.”

Dabo Swinney and Nick Saban have a good relationship and have both discussed the fact that their families vacation together in the summer. This was probably done in humor like the statements made about his private plane being sanitized but this will not stop some from running with it.

Dabo and the Tigers are still holding out hope that Clemson’s 2020 season will take place. If it does, could there be another matchup with Bama coming? No one knows as this point but you can be assured that this statement is likely to come up again in the future..

4 thoughts on “Swinney Takes Jab At Saban’s Crimson “Time”

  1. Here’s a little tune I wrote earlier 2020….The Nick Saban Blues

    RSO Robert Stephenson©2020
    The Nick Saban Blues
    O Alabama….
    A crimson tide I see
    This world has got a vengeance
    They want to take out on me
    Don’t know what or why
    All we ever did was try
    To be the best and forget the rest
    But now they’re beating up on me
    O tigers to the left of me
    O tigers to the right of me
    The “Rest of Yall” bus
    Has defeated us….
    And orange tide is all I see
    I got dreams turned to nightmares (2nd time> My dreams….)
    My life seems to be turning to (2nd time> And life….)
    Cause I can’t beat those tigers
    And now I got the Nick Saban
    Tiger Confrontation….
    I got the Nick Saban blues….
    Write verse 2
    nd chorus add-on
    I got the totally depressin
    Utterly tiger twistin’
    The rest of y’all busin’
    Makes me start cussin’
    I got the Nick Saban blues…. (2nd time> I got those….)

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