ACC Schedule: The When, Who, And Where!

Well, the day has finally come when we find out what next season’s schedule will look like. Who, when, and where Clemson will be playing. The Tigers have caught a lot of flack for over the schedule the last few years, particularly in conference. Knowing that, fans all look to this day in hopes that the schedule provides less ammo to be used against Clemson, although improvement from other ACC teams would help greatly. 

One thing that most are already talking about, and looking forward to is November 7th. What happens November 7th? The Tigers travel to South Bend to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish! Clemson is 3-1 all time vs the Irish and have a 3 game winning streak over them going into this matchup.

Most remember that the Tigers first trip into the playoffs started with a nail biter in Death Valley, during a flood in October of 2015, where the Tigers needed a great night by Deshaun Watson, and a stop on a two point conversion at the end to win the game.

The Tigers last meeting with the Irish came in the semifinal of last year’s CFP in the Cotton Bowl, with Clemson winning handily 30-3. Outside of that one game though, all of the other meetings have been decided by seven points or less, which makes this upcoming meeting look really good on paper. A trip to South Bend is always good regardless.

One of the things that concerns many fans is that there is a very good possibility that the ACC, will be maligned again with all of the coaching and roster changes taking place this offseason. There are teams like UNC and Louisville, and maybe UVA that could be fring Top 25 teams, but outside of that, there are questions.

You have FSU and BC, both bringing in new head coaches. Wake Forest is dealing with the loss of their starting QB to Georgia, via transfer. Miami is Miami, and seems to be changing offensive coordinators faster than ETN is breaking rushing records.

The hope is that NC State and Syracuse can get things back on track and make things interesting in conference. Another hope is that SC, who the Tigers currently have a 6 game winning streak against, will finally turn things around and show some life in the rivalry game at the end of the season (well, kind of).

There is one thing fans can all agree on, however. That is football season, no matter who, when, or where, the Tigers are scheduled to play can’t get back here soon enough. Thankfully, last season being a little longer than most, we as fans don’t have to wait as long as we have in the past to see those Tigers back on the gridiron. As always though, it still can’t get here soon enough!!!

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