Has Clemson Reached Dynasty Status

The term “dynasty” has been used frequently over the last few seasons when Clemson comes up in conversation. But are the Tigers a dynasty, or are they not? And what makes a team a dynasty?

Is it being in all but the first College Football Playoff since it’s inception? Is it being the first team in the playoff era to go 15-0 en route to a national title? How about going 29-1 over the last two seasons? Is it all of these things that are part of what makes a dynasty. 

Let’s look at a few things that have helped Dabo Swinney get Clemson into the conversation:

  • He has put a staff in place that feels like that of a family. This shows recruits that there is continuity and they won’t have to concern themselves with who their coach will be from year to year. Dabo and his Clemson staff have done this almost to perfection.
  • He also makes sure his teams have fun while winning. You have to be willing to put in the work needed to get those wins first, but as he says, the fun is in the winning. The Tigers show this by not only the work they put in during spring practice and fall camp, but also over the summer.
  • Like Joey Batson’s infamous fourth quarter video says… When the stands are empty, the band ain’t playing, and when the cheerleaders aren’t cheering. When it’s just the players side by side working out, that is when championships are won.

  • The other thing you have to do to be mentioned in dynasty conversations is go into the back yard of college footballs big dogs and take great players. For example, Dabo and his staff took wide receiver Justyn Ross out of Alabama last year and currently have wideout  E.J. Williams coming in this season out of the same high school.
  • Another thing you do is sell your university…. Branding. Dabo does this as well as anyone out there. Many talk about how he talks any chance he gets and how he acts in public but it works, and it resonates. The players love him, and his so called “antics.” Every time a video goes live of the dancing in the locker room after a win, imagine the number recruits that see this and love what Dabo is selling?

Is Clemson a Dynasty? That’s something that is up for debate, generally depends on ones perspective. Clemson fans feel this program is deserving of that title and have been since they took down the mighty Crimson Tide for the second time. Especially since that second one came in dominating fashion. However, if the Tigers continue to make playoff appearances and comepete for titles, there will be no more debate.

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