Brownell’s Team Takes Another Hit

The Tigers basketball team started the season with questions about how long they would be without Clyde Trapp and Jonathan Baehre. Both tore ACLs in the spring and went through surgery to repair them. Both had returned by January.

Today they got some really disappointing news as they get ready for their ACC matchup at Wake Forest tonight. Baehre has now torn the same ACL again and will undergo surgery, causing miss the remainder of the season.

Coach Brownell and the Tigers were expecting the transfer from UNC-Asheville to help the Tigers, and give them some size down low. Now the Tigers will have to wait until next season and hope that he is able to fully recover and come back strong.

This is definitely not the news that the Tigers needed to hear as they continue through the ACC schedule. It will be interesting to see how his continued absence affects the team down the stretch of the season.

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