FSU at #2 Clemson: Live Scoring Updates and Analysis

Can’t watch today’s game? Can’t listen? No problem. We have you covered. Live updates and analysis starting as soon as the game kicks off. Just keep checking back right here or keep hitting the refresh button. The updates will start when the game kicks off.

  • Tigers receive opening kickoff, touchback
  • Lawrence to Tee for 40 yards on 1st play
  • HB Pass…ETN to Ross for 33 Tigers in red zone
  • ETN runs it to the 6…. Tigers come out rolling
  • ETN stopped on 3rd and 1
  • TOUCHDOWN ETN!!!! Shovel pass on 4th and 1

Clemson 7 FSU 0

  • Noles convert 3rd and 8, approaching midfield
  • Noles punt, Tigers ball on CU 18
  • Tigers punt, FSU Ball on own 30
  • Noles go 3 and out, punt. Tigers ball CU 35
  • Tigers have crossed midfield
  • Tigers have moved inside the 10

TOUCHDOWN TIGERS!!! Lawrence with a TD run…..Tigers playing with a chip on their shoulder and like they have something to prove

Clemson 14 FSU 0

  • Noles at midfield
  • Tanner Muse picks of Alex Hornibrook!! Tiger ball at CU 43
  • Tigers already across midfield
  • Two runs have Clemson just outside the red zone
  • Ross drops a sure TD….
  • Very next play Ross grabs a 11 yard TD pass from Lawrence…. great blitz pick up by ETN

Clemson 21 FSU 0

  • Blackmon back in the game
  • Tigers stuff Akers on 3rd and 1! Jordan Williams makes the play
  • Noles punt, Tigers take over
  • Tigers on the move again…. knocking on door of red zone
  • Just like that Trevor has em inside the 10

TOUCHDOWN TIGERS!! Lawrence to Ross! And the rout is on!

Clemson 28 FSU 0 8:58 2nd

  • Noles can not get anything going and punt, Noles just 1-5 on 3rd down
  • Poor decision by Lawrence and he is picked off, Noles ball at own 37
  • Hornibrook back in and its already 3rd and 18…. Simmons forces a fumble off Hornibrook, but ball goes out of bounds, Noles punt
  • Tigers take over at own 45
  • Clemson on the move… inside the 10. Tigers having their way with Noles D
  • 4th and goal and its the jumbo package…. XT lined up in backfield with Nyles Pinckney as the FB. Pitch to XT is stopped short and he fumbles
  • Blackmon is back in and he is picked off by Chad Smith. Ball defelcted by Jordan Williams. Tiger ball at FSU 15
  • 4th and 2 inside the 10, Tigers will go for it. After a TO they bring on Potter who misses the chip shot

End of first half

Tigers came out fired up and on a mission today. Dominating first half effort although there was a little sloppiness at the end of the half. Twice the Tigers were inside the Noles 10 and came away with no points

2nd half underway….

  • Noles go 3 and out. Blackmon had Akers wide open down sideline and cant hit him. Had the mismatch with Justin Foster covering
  • Tigers on the move, inside the Noles 30 due to ETN’s legs
  • TOUCHDOWN TIGERS!! Amari Rodgers with a 29 yard TD run on a double reverse
  • Tee Higgins in street clothes

Clemson 35 FSU 0

  • PICK SIX!!! Derion Kendrick with the INT and TD!!

Clemson 42 FSU 0

  • Noles first play and Denzell Johnson forces the cam Akers fumble, Simmons recovers
  • Chase Brice in at QB and Lyn J Dixon fumbles it away on 1st down
  • Noles go 3 and out
  • Puma now in at QB for Clemson
  • Brice back in
  • Tigers turn it over on downs
  • Noles get on the board with a long TD pass to Terry

Clemson 42 FSU 7

4th qtr has begun

With 10 mins to go Clemson has the second and third stringers on the field. We will update anymore scoring that takes place

  • Tigers get a FG

Clemson 45 FSU 7

  • Noles add a late TD

Clemson 45 FSU 14

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