Dabo Swinney Comments on Murphy, Bresee Going In First Round of NFL Draft



“On pure talent, I would probably name Myles with Gaines Adams as far as the combination of length, strength, athleticism, ability to bend, natural explosive power. He is really, really, really special. I think with another year he may have been the first pick in the draft. I think he has that type of talent. I mean, there’s not many people walking the planet that have first overall pick type of talent, but Myles Murphy does. The Bengals are getting him at a value because he’s still a developing player. He was at Clemson for three seasons — two-and-a-half years. He’s an incredibly smart kid, loves football. His dad played pro football. He’s been around it his whole life but his best football is still in front of him. I’m just really excited about seeing him take that next step. He’s just a rare talent. A great kid, very smart and a very cerebral player. Incredibly strong and can fly, you know? You just don’t see guys that can move like him and bend. He’s going to be a great one.

“And the other thing about Myles a lot of people don’t really talk about is he’s durable. Rarely can I ever recall him missing a game or a practice for injury. He always practiced, he was always available, and I think that says a lot about who he is and how he takes care of his body.”


“They are getting a guy who is relentless, powerful and loves the game. He is a physical player, smart. He’s great off-the-field. He’s a professional, and he’s going to come in every day with the mindset of getting better.”



“Bryan is a guy that could be a Pro Bowler for years to come. He has that in him. And I’m just excited for the Saints because his best football is in front of him. He’s really gotten himself healthy, but this kid has been through so much. He had a great freshman year, missed his second year, got hurt, tore his ACL, and then he comes back and obviously his sister passing, he missed a lot of time and then he had a kidney issue. When this guy is on the field, everybody in the stadium notices. I mean, that’s just who he is, and he’s been that way at every level of football of his life from pee wee to middle school to high school to college. It won’t be any different in the pros; when he’s on the field, everybody will notice him. And the good news for him is, again, he is a high-value, first-round type talent that was available just based on where he is in his development.

“This guy is the ultimate gym rat. He absolutely loves football. He’s passionate about practice, he’s strong and he’s just a guy that I think his teammates are going to love. He’s got a great spirit to him every single day. I think if he can stay healthy, he’s got a great future in front of him as a pro football player.”


“What they’re getting in Bryan is a great young man who comes from a great family, who is very competitive, very tough, very disciplined. He’s very smart and he loves the game. He exemplified all of that throughout my time at Clemson and before and that’s why he’s going to be one of the NFL’s greats for years to come. They have not seen the best of Bryan Bresee yet.”

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