Who’s Under Pressure? ESPN Analyst Ranks Clemson One of Ten Teams Under Most Pressure

ESPN Greg McElroy recently discussed some of the schools under the most pressure to win in 2023, with the Clemson Tigers coming in at No. 9 on the list.

“I don’t think Dabo Swinney’s really in a position where people are going to try to run him out of town or anything. But there is pressure now, especially as Florida State, and Florida State, I might add, might be the preseason pick in the ACC to win the league. So, I actually think the pressure in a normal year (for) Dabo Swinney is probably a top-five pressure job because the expectation is win or failure. But this year I would say it’s down a little bit because maybe people aren’t paying as close attention, and he just made adjustments to his staff, he’s got a new quarterback that people are very high on.”

With Garrett Riley being brough on board to run the offense and Cade Klubnik now the fulltime starting quarterback, expectations will once again be high in Clemson. And rightfully so.

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