Dabo Swinney, College Football and Sour Patch Kids

To say that Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney has a sweet and sour feel about the current state of college football would be a understatement.

Swinney has never been known to shy away from telling anyone his thoughts on something and has been called out numerous times for doing just that. Just recently, Swinney was questioned and attacked due to his comments, in regards to his concern about how the transfer portal and NIL are changing the sport.

A few weeks ago, while attending the Pee Dee stop on the 2022 Prowl and Growl circuit, Swinney was asked how he feels about the direction that college football is taking and he had explained it in a way that only he could.

“I predict within the next two years, it’s all going to settle out. The adults are going to come back in the room and it’s going to be better than it’s ever been,” Swinney said. “I really, really, truly believe that. We’ve got to all just hang in there.”

He then proceeded to give the best analogy of it that I’ve heard yet.

“I said the other night, I was talking about how I love the Sour Patch Kids [candy],” Swinney said. “You throw them in your mouth and they’re sour, but once you get through the sour, what happens? You get to the sweet, right? So sometimes we’ve got to all get through the sour a bit and we’ll get to the sweet when it’s all said and done.”

Simple, to the point, and easy enough that even members of IPTAY’s Tiger Cub Club could understand it. Patience isn’t always easy to come by, but if Swinney is correct, again, it may be just what Clemson fans need right now.

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