Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne: Dynamic Duo Finally Ready to Shine

It’s hard to type the names of those two former Tigers in the past sense. Their presence almost insured a Clemson victory and their departure seemingly left the once-unstoppable Tiger offense derailed. But that’s an entirely different article for a different day.

The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted both young men in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft. Lawrence made Clemson football history by being it’s first number one overall draft pick and Etienne didn’t have to wait long to hear his name called as the 25th pick. With their talent and excitement, their football futures were almost guaranteed, so everyone in the football world thought. However, there were two unexpected pitfalls. A season-ending injury and Urban Meyer, as both would prove impediments to rookie season success of their rookies

After forgettable rookie seasons (both for different reasons), the duo has remained hopeful and certainly neither is any less talented. After the disaster hire of Meyer, Lawrence’s development was stunted. Meyer, just by being a self-destructive narcissist that lacks even a shred of integrity, threw Lawrence, among others, under the bus when it all hit the fan.

As quickly as he was hired, he was fired after allegedly kicking a kicker in practice, straying in a video with some lady that wasn’t his wife and his mishandling of the team, in general. His departure, in the opinions of many, has left Jacksonville and the Jaguars a better place and a better team.

Etienne’s difficulties were of the season ending injury variety. Even as a medical professional, I’d never head the term “Lisfranc joint injury.” It’s a type of injury to the bones or ligaments, or both, in the middle part of your foot. In a Lisfranc joint injury, there is usually damage to the cartilage covering these bones. In the middle region of your foot (midfoot), a cluster of small bones form an arch.

He had the surgery and after an aggressive rehabilitation, Entienne was cleared a few days ago to go full speed ahead. Under new head coach, Doug Pederson, Lawrence, Etienne and the team seem poised to have a more stable and likely more successful 2022-23 season..

The regurgitation of Lawrence’s first-year stats seems futile, as they were unremarkable. Let me say here, there are reasons why the Jaguars got the number one pick, they were horrible. Even someone as stupid as me can see, one man, not even Lawrence could make this hapless bunch of losers an instant contender. No possible way.

Now, it seems, after the tumultuous 2022 season, Etienne tweeted a poignant, if not sly comment on missing last season. Without even citing a single name or specific incident, Etienne had a humorous drop mic moment.

With the likes of Lawrence and Etienne in the same backfield, the Dynamic Duo is more than capable of helping Pederson get this once hapless bunch ready to make it’s first step towards greatness. No, it won’t be immediate but having Lawrence and Etienne healthy and motivated, makes success exponentially more attainable.

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