Hostile Takeover of College Football

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It’s hard to watch. All you’ve known and loved since you were old enough to discern orange from all the other inferior colors, just fade away and in a sense, dies. That’s where I fear we sit today.

I wrote a completely forgettable article several weeks back about the probable changes ahead for collegiate athletics, ‘Two-Sun Solar System’. It was about the roadmap laid forth for the future of an insignificant conference that had virtually no power to control its destiny. That conference, the late, former great, Atlantic Coast Conference.

Of course, I blathered then and even more so now that the biggest loser in this SEC/Big 10 two-sun solar system is clearly the ACC, especially Clemson. In the SEC power grab, the ACC and Clemson, have been left to try to survive on the cash-strapped remnants of their inferiority. It’s no secret to anyone that Dabo Swinney’s success is a thorn in the side of the SEC and Greg Sankey. It’s by Sankey’s edict that some must be left to die and I fear, Clemson is tops on that death list. Dramatic? Sure, yes. False? Again, no way.

The fourteen full-time member institutions of the ACC might be afraid to admit it but they know they’re ultimately doomed. The one provisional, part-time member Notre Dame, will come out smelling like a rose. The rest will all die trapped in a void from a total lack of oxygen and relevance or more succinct, money and influence.

The saddest thing, the demise of this once-proud conference can be directly tied to the fingerprints of one man, former ACC Commissioner, John Swofford. In his ambivalence and haste to leave behind a network, any network, as his lasting legacy, he gave away the store, the grant of rights from member institutions to the vicious, calculating, godless entity, ESPN. In hindsight, he willingly signed his own conference’s death warrant. Thus delivering us to the point we stand today.

Then, in obvious collusion, ESPN and it’s favorite child, the SEC Network started to slowly, tighten the noose on the whole world of college football. Funny, the term “monopolistic” keeps rattling through my mind. They negotiated in the shadows like a thief in the dark to lure Texas and Oklahoma into their ranks. Pushing an overt agenda to get a twelve-team College Football Playoff structure that was an obvious attempted hostile takeover of college football, to anyone with even a slight grasp on reality.

There is a plea for calm from the passive leadership of the other condemned conferences. I guess it’s the only thing left to do when you’re just waiting on the noose, the end. Again, it’s over-dramatic but it’s no less true.

Sankey, the Attila the Hun of this story, has proposed out loud, that he and the leadership of the SEC are actively looking at forty or so possible scenarios, many including an all-SEC College Football Playoff. Yes, you read that correctly.

The SEC Commissioner is reportedly still upset about the way the College Football Playoff expansion talks collapsed before last season and blames “The Alliance” for its failure. You remember the Alliance, the BIG10, ACC and PAC-12, a hastily thrown together entity to thwart the expansion of the playoff.

Sadly, the bully of all college athletics always gets his way. That bully, Sankey, rules the playground and no one will stand up to him without fear that the noose around their neck will get ever tighter ever quicker. He is the closest thing to an athletic terrorist we know.

It’s a sad, sad thing to watch as something once so vital and integral, that brought joy to many is condemned to die. College football in general, Clemson specifically, as we know it, days are numbered and there is no one strong enough to stop what lies before them.

I guess, we’ll have to take heart, there’s always room for another group of five conference. That is, if Sankey says so.

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