Mindless Monday Ramblings: Random Tweets, Left Field Observations, General Nonsense

For the foreseeable future, if there is even the slightest bit of interest, I will be writing about random topics. Whether it’s at the center or on the periphery of Clemson sports or really anything, I’ll attempt to make a conversation out of it. This is an attempt to broaden the discussion in this down period between spring practice and summer camps.

Hunter Renfrow’s Doppelganger

It seems Hunter Renfrow has a “doppelganger” in fellow Las Vegas Raider, OL Jermaine Eluemunor. It’s easy to see the confusion. As always Hunter is willing to go along with most anything good natured. It’s also enlightening to see others making typing blunders. It makes me grateful for and appreciative of a keen-eyed editor.

Extraordinarily Random, Virginia needs a new home, one covered in Ivy

The University of Virginia, they’re just different than the rest of us ACC bumpkims. The giveaway? It’s the white Pergolas, they are everywhere.

Should the Universty of Virginia consider a move to the Ivy League? Reading an article about Tony Elliott’s move the Charlottesville made me wonder. Thomas Jefferson, America’s third President and the founder/creator of the University was an intellectual. He fashioned his university from those in the northeast. Those schools brought the foundations of their colleges and universities from England. Their foundation, their terminology, their mindset, and decorum were all modeled after the likes of Oxford and Cambridge.

Their academic standards laid the footprint for today’s Ivy League. Virginia, more that most any other institution fits perfectly in that footprint. If (and most certainly when) the ACC no longer exists, Virgina would be a nice, Ivy League worthy addition. Maybe they’d take Duke along with them.

Those pergolas

An opinion from left-field

If Clemson makes it to the ACC Tournament, I believe the dramatic tight rope act they’ve been performing will prove beneficial. They’ve faced more adversity, more drama and have more lives than a black cat. They will, despite opinions to the contrary, go deep in the tournament and be in an NCAA regional.

No, I’m not drinking nor am I smoking funny-smelling cigarettes. It’s just with regards to this team, there has to be some reward for a hard-fought season by this scrappy bunch of Tigers.

Clemson Golf, Greatness Continues. News from the Sand Trap

Jacob Bridgeman (Inman, S.C./Chapman) has been named the ACC Golfer of the Year. The announcement was made Wednesday by the Atlantic Coast Conference. In the upcoming NCAA Reginal Bridgeman ranks second.

Finally, a Little Fun

Inquiring minds want to know. If you had a gun pointed at your head and you were hooked up to a lie-detector machine and asked your gut feeling about the results of Clemson’s 2022 season, what would you say?

I’ll go first. When it’s all said and done, the Tigers have the talent to go 12-0, win the ACC Championship and earn a spot in the College Football Playoff. But honestly, I’m still tortured by the flashbacks of our statue-like, caught in the headlights QB. I would have to concede that I’m afraid of two, maybe three games. North Carolina State and Notre Dame and maybe, South Carolina. Before you heckle me, remember there is a gun pointed at my head. Let me know in the comments your gut feeling

I hope to see you next week, same weird randomness, same mindless chatter, same unique place.

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