Former Clemson Wizard is Moving On Yet Again

Like a tumbleweed rolling in the desert wind, the Chad is on the move. Again.

You remember Chad Morris? Of course, you do, how could anyone forget his high flying, circus-esque, frenetic offense. Depending on one’s perspective, he was either a deliverance or a distraction. From either perspective, one would have to acknowledge when he was good he was really good but when he was not so good, he was bad.

Morris’ offensive acumen and style was without question amazing. He led the Clemson offense from 2011 to 2014. He recruited a legend in Deshaun Watson, and Mortis used his skills to near perfection. However, Morris always had his ear to the ground, his nose to the wind, and his eyes were always focused on the horizon searching for something new, something better, someplace other than where he was then.

With his desire to find the next great job and with his self-proclaimed greatness, all knew sooner or later, it had to rise and bite him. I remember feeling sick after hearing he was leaving Clemson to take the head coaching position at SMU. What I didn’t realize at the time, Morris was infected with a serious case of incurable wanderlust.

He would have some success at SMU between 2015 and 2017 which would lead him to the head coaching position at the University of Arkansas. He only lasted there for two seasons, 2018 to 2019. After going 4-18 in two seasons, Morris was fired.

In an effort to rehabilitate his career, he was hired by Gus Malzahn to lead the Auburn offense. Unfortunately, Malzahn was chopped at the end of the season leaving Morris wandering yet again.

As fate would have it, it appeared his career would end where it began, coaching high school football in Texas. Morris landed the head coaching job at a behemoth of a program, Allen High School in North Texas. Very characteristic of Morris, he has now left that position after just one season, to take a colligate level position at an unspecified and unknown position.

I understand a person’s right to self-determination is sacrosanct. However, when that right encroaches on their right of self-preservation, then there is an internal problem, a real personal conundrum.

I’ve always admired those that follow their dreams and march to a different drumbeat but one must get tired from all that movement. Heck, I’m exhausted just writing about his movements.

Morris’ pilgrimage can’t be one driven by the pursuit of money, he’s been paid handsomely everywhere he’s coached, plus a ten million dollar buyout after being fired from Arkansas makes him financially secure. I suspect Morris’ quest is for something that can prove very costly, ego and pride. Many people have choked on both in far less quantities than that which Morris possesses. I wish him well wherever the wind blows him.

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