Opinion: Hate Demeans Clemson-Georgia Rivalry

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There is little doubt that the Clemson-Georgia rivalry is real.

There’s no way to underestimate the passion of a rivalry, even one where the teams don’t play but a few times a decade. Never fear, there’s enough of a rivalry to engage the other fan base over anything.

It’s funny, Clemson’s proximity to Athens, a mere 70 miles, and Clemson no longer being little old Clemson, you’d think it’s a perfect college football rivalry. But fans, some on both sides, get ugly. For some rivalries, there’s a deeper, misplaced passion that turns ugly. While the tone of my words is truthful, as I see it, they are also laced with humor. Unfortunately, at some point, the fun and laughter turn to hate. This has become the Clemson-Georgia rivalry.

Sometimes success is a negative motivator that yields pure, unadulterated hate. Dabo Swinney, who can’t even go to a professional baseball game without conspicuously being booed, is a victim of his own, phenomenal success. I guess it’s to be expected. Equally expected, is a lack of class and decency from those inclined to wear red and gray and eat doggie treats like I eat popcorn shrimp. They rarely, if ever disappoint.

Characteristically, Swinney, even while being booed by the crowd, remained above the fray and watched the Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers battle this past weekend in Truist Field. In a recent article, I wrote that Swinney lives with a target on his back. However, if he can handle it, so must I, but I won’t lie, it burns my soul.

While I’m not justifying such immaturity, Swinney’s meteoric rise to the top of college football and doing it with transparency and class has to drive those misguided mutts batty. The comparison between Swinney and the Bulldogs’ head man is stark. Some watching can see, that guy gives the impression and shows, he will do anything to win and will do it by any means possible.

His team’s apparent lack of discipline and the willful lack of oversight of off the field behaviors in the recent past, borders on irresponsible. Without a governing body with teeth to punish offenders, certain behaviors spread like poison ivy and cancer. Allowing this to continue without consequence is shameful.

I can’t fight Swinney’s battles nor would he want me or anybody else to do so, but I live by the mantra, all evil needs to thrive is for good men to do nothing. In writing this, I’m merely attempting to point out the evil of stupidity. This isn’t me ranting because everybody doesn’t love Swinney or because they booed him in unison, in public. No, I’m ranting because this is even a story worthy of print. It’s an attempt to disparage and ridicule a man and his principles in public and seeks to further try and paint Swinney as little more than a party joke.

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of Atlanta (the city) for several reasons. The traffic is horrific and constant. The drive between here and there is long and boring. The landscape during the five hour drive resembles, in spots, a forest primeval and in others spots, an abandoned strip mining town. To be completely fair, I’m sure there are some nice spots in Georgia just like there are nice spots in Afghanistan. I guess, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is very subjective.

No, my main reason for the feelings I have of Atlanta? Simply, Atlanta is in Georgia and like the words of an old Clemson student section cheer, passed down from generation to generation, (sung to the tune of glory, glory hallelujah) “to hell to hell with Georgia, to hell to hell with Georgia, to hell to hell with Georgia, the cesspool of the south.” That about sums the situation from my perspective. Boo me if you’d like. Like Swinney, I’ll remain unfazed, maybe.

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8 thoughts on “Opinion: Hate Demeans Clemson-Georgia Rivalry

  1. Great article! I agree at least for the most part. And I feel the same way with our rivalries with the rest of the SEC, Ohio State, etc.

    1. Thanks very much, it’s hard to contain my frustration with peoplethe belittle Dabo.

  2. The meanest fans, when in the majority, I have ever been around! Not nasty and stupid like in Cola, just mean. We did sing those lyrics in the early 80’s

    1. enjoy your posts and perspective. what do you expect from a junk yard dog? mean it is.
      Go Tigers!!!

    2. That’s when I was there, ‘81-’85 and the ‘88-’89. I loved singing that one

  3. I love spirited rivalries. Gets the heart pump”n. I would say when the the Georgia Bulldog faithful chose to boo Dabo, its a bit of a compliment. If the head coach for Duke or NC State happened to be at a Braves game I doubt there would be a similar action. All the years we had to go to the Big A to play the Yellow Jackets. And then there are the players that grew up in the State of Georgia. Hate all you want but remember our logo is stronger today because of Georgia. Its their year! let’em crow.

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