Outside The Box Podcast, A Clemson Athletics Broadcast: Try Us

I’ve mentioned several times that fellow Clemson Junkies contributor Freddie Huth and I do a live podcast, Outside The Box, every Monday at 8 pm.

In each episode, we try and cover the most important topics from the previous week and those that are on the horizon. All things recruiting, and this time of year, Clemson Baseball is a hot topic. NIL, transfer portal discussions, and any nugget of interest from Dabo World. We encourage and appreciate your in-broadcast comments. It is a fun half-hour spent focused on our shared passion, the Clemson Tigers.

Freddie is our host, he adds stability to compensate for my clumsiness. Together, it makes for a good time. Visit our YouTube Channel, Outside The Box: A Clemson Athletics Podcast and watch. Your questions, comments, and even constructive criticisms are all welcomed and most appreciated.

Monday, May 9 will be our 15th episode and we hope you can join us. Based on the few numbers of episodes, you can tell, we’re still learning and if you can look past a gaffe or two, we think you’ll genuinely be entertained, that’s our goal. Hope to see you then and thanks!

(WATCH) Newest Clemson Commit Branden Strozier in Action

Newest Clemson Commit Branden Strozier in Action Continue reading (WATCH) Newest Clemson Commit Branden Strozier in Action

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