Clemson Spring Just Got Much More Interesting

While everyone looks forward to any time Dabo Swinney’s Tigers play in Death Valley, let’s be honest, the spring game can be a tad bit slow and well, boring.

That won’t be the case this Saturday. Swinney revealed on local WCCP radio show Out of Bounds that two former Clemson greats, Austin Bryant and Christian Wilkins, are to be honorary head coaches. Yes, Wilkins will take his place on center stage once again and that should should liven up the festivities greatly.

“Christian is fired up because he never won a spring game, and Austin is fired up because he has never lost a spring game,” Swinney said. “It should be a lot of fun and a little juice on the line there with those guys.

Can’t you see Wilkins fall down in the end zone doing the worm every time his team scores. Or, watch closely as he pranks his players on the sidelines. Let’s face it and revel in it, Wilkins is a ham, a treasure that all can be entertained by and have love and respect for. He’s Clemson.

While Austin Bryant is no less great, no less loved and respected, let’s face it, there was, is and always will be only one Wilkins. People can’t help but look his way, never knowing what he may do or say or even sing. He’s an entertainer in the perfect sense of the word.

I probably need to acknowledge that both, each members of the defensive front known as the Power Rangers, are consummate professionals and they might take their honorary positions seriously. With Bryant, there is a glint of hope to achieve that but that’s not in Wilkins’ nature. He entertains on the field, off the field, and even at Chipotle, in Miami or in Clemson. The location matters not, the world is his stage.

His irrepressible personality is contagious and no one minds catching this bug, the happiness bug. I can’t speak for the rest of the viewing public but on Saturday, in the Valley, it will be nearly impossible not to watch him.

Yes, the spring game can drag a bit but I suspect that won’t be the case come Saturday at 1 pm. Seriously and genuinely, welcome home gentlemen.

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