Self Confidence Allowed Hunter Renfrow to Always Have Desire to Play In NFL, Win a Super Bowl

From walk-on to Clemson legend.

While playing quarterback in an option offense at Socastee High School, Hunter Renfrow always dreamed of playing football for the Tigers.

Despite having a full offer from App State, among some other non-Power-5 offers, Renfrow chose to come to Clemson as a walk-on and earn his opportunity. While the coaching staff loved what they saw on film, no one could have ever imagined the trajectory Renfrow’s career was on.

Well, no one but Renfrow. He always believed in himself.

“I’ve always had enough self confidence about myself that like, I wanted to play in the NFL, I wanted to win a Super Bowl,” Renfrow said on The Players Club Podcast. “Like I said earlier, wanting to be one of the best. I think we all have that as an athlete.”

However, as one might expect, it was not easy. Like most athletes, Renfrow had his good days and his not so good days. Ironically, it was those not so good days that the wideout was the most appreciative, and he never stopped being humble.

“But there are also days where I was just happy to be be there,” Renfrow said. “So I think you kind of use those days just where you’re not doing so well to to fuel yourself and just be appreciative of the opportunity you have to put your head down and go to work. That you’re just happy to be here with the Clemson Tigers.”

“That was a dream of mine. I’m very appreciative, I’m not going to be entitled, I’m not going to be thinking I’m better than I am. I’m just going to get to work and if they asked me to be a scout team player, I’m gonna go be the best I can.”

As a freshman Renfrow caught 33 passes for 492 yards and five touchdowns. He was rewarded for that effort by being placed on scholarship.

Over the next three seasons, Renfrow would grow into one of Clemson’s most beloved athletes. Fans will never forget his iconic performances against Alabama in the Tigers’ multiple matchups against the Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff. Especially his game-winning touchdown catch in 2016 that brought Clemson its first national title since 2016.

He finished his college career with 186 receptions and 2,133 yards, along with 15 touchdown catches. He was such a clutch receiver, he would eventually earn the moniker “3rd and Renfrow.”

Now, after three years in the NFL after being taken in the fifth round by the Raiders in 2019, Renfrow has also earned the reputation as one of the league’s most meticulous, and best route runners. He’s just coming off of his first appearance in the Pro Bowl after going over 100 catches in 2021.

All of that success can be traced back to his mindset. Whether he’s lined up against the best, or practicing against air, Renfrow is going all out, and it’s that mentality that has paid off in a big way.

“I also had the end goal and the vision that you know, what am I going to do now that’s going to help me reach my goal of playing at Clemson,” Renfrow said. “Am I going to go out there today and just go through the motions or am I going to visualize 3rd and 4, Florida State, I’m gonna go to take a slant to the house or whatever it is. Or if I’m running routes against air, same thing. Is that Mackensie Alexander in front of me or is that just air? Those little things helped me.”

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