Clemson Basketball: End of the Road

I’ve discussed the issues and offered honest opinions of where I see Clemson Basketball in the grand scheme of the sport.

It is a human reaction to quickly recoil after touching a hot stove. That’s exactly the reaction by those Clemson Basketball fans, one can only take so much until instinctively, they recoil from the source of the pain. In this case, it’s Clemson Basketball providing the pain.

No one doubts that Brad Brownell is a good and decent man. He’s loyal, a good role model and a wonderful ambassador of Clemson University but he’s questionable when it comes to the “meat” of his job, the real reason he is at Clemson, to win basketball games consistently.

What is consistent? What should be reasonably expected of this coach? I’m sure he is the first to look at his tenure and reach the obvious conclusion. His teams over the years have been abysmal and squarely wrapped in the mire of mediocrity. That’s where the program sits now.

Sometimes those tasked with making hard decisions, have to. It’s not easy. It’s not without emotions, it’s not without sadness. I’m not a hateful ogre, I get how difficult this is but change is a must.

Thinking deeper, Brownell might very well be the victim of how basketball is funded, relegated to just being tolerated. Sent to stand in the corner and told “stay right there and don’t move.”

This program hasn’t moved out of that corner, most of Brownell’s ten plus years, and it’s fair to ask, if not now, when? If “never” is the answer, then while hearing it, feeling betrayed by it, that would at least be something definitive. The clear, unvarnished, truth.

The end of this miserable journey, down a pothole strewn dirt road, seems at hand. Every scenario of change has been discussed by anyone that has an opinion. No one wants any man to be fired but what’s left to do?

The leadership of Clemson Athletics, where this program’s future is concerned, need to either fish or cut bait, it’s time. At this point, if someone says they are pleased with the status quo then they’re either being dishonest or have little passion left for the sport.

This isn’t about the fans. Their devotion, and kindness of supporting this losing endeavor has been moving, but even those folks will reach their emotional end with regards to basketball.

I’m torn as an Alumnus, as a donor and as a fan. What do I do? What can I change to show my displeasure? One answer, distance yourself from this program. Let empty seats and empty coffers speak for you. At some point, pain is the only feeling left, like that quick re-coil from a touch of a hot stove.

This world, the real world, provides enough pain and frustration and yes, Clemson Basketball does as well. Mr. Neff, are you listening? Please, there has to be something done.

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