Yes Clemson, There Is a Santa Claus

As adults, tainted by the realities of life, we’ve long understood Santa Claus just isn’t real. Oh how I wish I was eight years old again, believing in something so sweet and pure. Every child deserves a Santa Claus and guess what? So do we older children, just a different kind of Santa.

In our world, we have to believe in things we can’t see, things we can’t touch but somehow we’re drawn to it, like a moth to light. Something bigger than ourselves, something passion-filled and unifying. It’s neither God-like nor human. It’s a belief, an ever present spirit.

I’m not sure how most of us found our shared Santa but one thing is without question, we are glad and are better for having met. As sure as a child’s Santa Claus wears a red suit, Clemson’s adult Santa not only wears orange, it IS orange. As sure as a child’s Santa is a benevolent, joyful giver, so is Clemson’s. As we were told as children “Santa is everywhere.” Funny, so is that one in orange.

I know this seems too silly and whimsical to be posted on an adult sports fan site, that’s not lost on me. However, life does have a way of stomping out the silly and whimsical in all of us so surely, for one day out of the year, can’t we still believe? Our Santa comes bearing gifts. Not Xboxes, cellphones, doll babies or bicycles, but rather something special. Xboxes, cellphones, dolls and bikes all break over time. The gifts our Santa brings are way better, they’re timeless.

Here’s just a partial description of who and what my Santa, Clemson’s Santa is…

“There is something in these hills that brings together and binds together and holds together men and women of all persuasions, of all heights, sizes, weights, and cultural backgrounds – something that cuts across every difference, spans every gap, penetrates every wall – something that makes a man or a woman stand taller, feel better and say with a high pride to all within earshot, “I went to Clemson.”

“There is something in these hills that you and I can’t define and others can’t understand. A wave of warmth always surges through me when ‘outsiders’ say, “I don’t know what it is about you Clemson people, but your undying love for Clemson is admired by everyone I know.”

There’s something in these hills and I suspect that’s what it is – the ability of an institution through the unending dedication and greatness of its people – its administration, its faculty, its staff, its students and alumni – to impart to all it touches a respect, an admiration, an affection that stands firm in disquieting times when things around it give impressions of coming unglued.

Yes, there’s something in these hills where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness.”

Joe Sherman, Class of ’34

Yes Clemson, there really is a Santa and to no ones surprise, it’s you. Unlike the “other Santa” you bring the true believers special gifts, every single day and we will always believe in you.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from all of us at

Authors note: Sorry for the low quality of this video but hearing these words, the video isn’t needed.

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