Brandon Streeter: Right Man, at Right Time

When all the change started several weeks ago, with all the lingering questions from a frustrating season, including the loss of longtime offensive coordinator Tony Elliott, it was a disquieting time in Clemson.

Lots of folks, myself included instantly dreamt of a flashy new hire, from outside the program, feeling like a total, fresh start was needed. As l look back at that last line typed, three words stand out, “outside the program.”

Regardless of the noise, Dabo Swinney knew what had to be done. While his silence was somewhat deafening, causing speculation to run wild, where Swinney and the program he’s built is concerned, he knew what had to be done. The program needed immediate stability, not massive, wholesale, change. Enter a familiar face, a loyal Clemson family man, Brandon Streeter.

In no way is Streeter above questioning, nor is he above speculation, but he is also not just another coach, he’s a part of the Clemson family. That has to stand for something, right?

Swinney, upon Elliott’s departure for Virginia, immediately reaffirmed his firm belief, Streeter was his guy. The guy. I was glad. Sure, last season’s struggles needed to be acknowledged and they were. In that acknowledgment, blame for the offense’s struggles had to be owned by someone, both Streeter and Elliott bore that responsibility.

It is said “success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan.” With Swinney’s belief in him, it was Streeter’s time to shine, to lead, and no one deserves it more. He’s proven his worth both as a Clemson QB in the ‘90’s and an experience offensive coordinator at both Richmond and Liberty. He was/is one of the key pieces in Clemson’s phenomenal success over the last seven years. He was made for this, deserves his chance, and he is the right choice to be the next guy to run the offense.

Despite injuries, and portal escapees, this offense still possesses elite talent. The coaches know how to win, they’ve been on the big stage, under the bright lights, and they’ve done it so often and so well. Proof positive, we fan’s bemoaned a nine win season. No small feat when all things are considered. Streeter deserves credit, lots of it.

He comes with a long, distinguished football linage. His father, Barry Streeter, was the long-time head coach of the Gettysburg College Bullets. Interestingly, as a young teenager, during the Bullets home games, Streeter would have the responsibilities of making sure that the cord of his father’s headset was not stepped on by players and assistant coaches. He was then “promoted” to ball boy once the program received wireless headsets. He was always willing to do his part, regardless the task.

He was a star Clemson quarterback from 1995-1999. You remember, the lean years under then coach, Tommy West. He often played with injuries. He was a tough, gritty baller. Add to this, his steady rise through the offensive coaching ranks at both Richmond and Liberty, and with much success. Point is, he knows football. An even greater point, he is no “booby-prize,” he more than capable. He is the real deal.

I look forward to the Cheez-It Bowl and his new beginning. No, I’m not a soothsayer, nor am I clairvoyant, I just know and believe that Brandon Streeter is the right man at the right time. However, as with all things, in both life and football, only time will tell.

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